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Vinyl is the hot format today, and it’s not just hipsters spinning discs. Although half of vinyl buyers are younger than 26 years old, 27% of purchasers are Gen X and Baby Boomers. Our Music Acquisition studies can tell you more about who buys.
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We cover the spectrum of fan engagement with music from how it is purchased to where it is listened to, and everything in between.



It’s not just about research, we provide additional consulting and analytics to address all your questions.

Recent Blog Posts

March 28, 2024

The Decline in TikTok Users Is Wishful Thinking for Music

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggested that TikTok experienced slowing user growth in the US between 2022 and 2023. The decline was attributed in part to the younger demographic. At MusicWatch, we saw no evidence of this. To be fair, there are lots of ways to measure audience for a platform such read more »

March 11, 2024

MusicWatch Reports Results of 2023 Annual Music Study: Record Numbers of Music Streamers and Paid Subscribers

MusicWatch Annual Music Study points to continued health of the US music market, a record number of paid subscribers, and increased spend on recorded music. Over 90% of internet users are streaming music in the US. MusicWatch today published its 22rd edition of the US Annual Music Study, the most comprehensive overview of audio and read more »

January 18, 2024

Monetizing Music Fans: Billion Dollar Opportunity or Superfantasy?

Demand isn’t there today, but there’s a payoff if it can be unlocked. Lucien Grange and Robert Kyncl, leaders of Universal Music and Warner Music respectively, received a lot of notice last week for suggesting that music fandom was sorely under monetized. Both see squeezing more dollars from music fans as a path to growth. read more »