Music Listening

Complementing the acquisition information is a comprehensive overview of how music listening is evolving.  As consumers shift from owning music to accessing music, we track how that shift is taking place and which models are gaining traction. We see how much time consumers spend with traditional broadcast radio, their CDs and digital files, and both on-demand and internet radio forms of streaming. MusicWatch’s listening modules examine:

  • Growth trends for all forms of streaming music; on-demand services, internet radio, video services and AM/FM radio streaming and satellite radio
  • Awareness and usage of all the major streaming services
  • Time Spent Listening; how much time in the average week is devoted to music listening on streaming services, on CDs, using digital files or on broadcast or satellite radio?
  • How do these usage and time habits vary by demographic — the baby boomers vs their millennial kids
  • What do consumers want in a streaming service? Who provides the best experience and why? What use cases or devices drive engagement?
  • What attracts consumers to streaming, or deters them? And where are the levers that will facilitate payment for subscriptions?