Strategic Studies

iTunes User Study

Imagine you could see into the secrets of the iTunes store. This study does just that — examining what iTunes users are buying in terms of video, apps and music. We examine the promotions that drive incremental sales, the role of gift cards and payments and consumer interest in new features or services. Our test of iTunes Radio was highly predictive of actual in-market results.

Music & Motion

The mobile experience is rapidly changing as streaming moves from static computers to connected devices and ultimately to the car. One area of Music & Motion is focused on how consumers use  their smartphones to interact with music. Another focus area looks at how consumers are streaming in their car today and what it’s going to take for streaming to be more common in vehicles. As the mobile music experience evolves beyond iPods and AM/FM, we monitor how music is being used on the road, in the gym or around the house.

Music Discovery

Over 10 years ago, when the first Music Discovery Study was conducted, we learned that consumers were hearing a lot of music they really liked, but there wasn’t enough being done to announce the artist and song. Even if listeners wanted to buy the music they heard — they didn’t know what to buy. Now, streaming has replaced broadcast as the number one source for music discovery. Rather than influencing people to run out and buy the CD, the music industry is now looking at how to convert discovery into more powerful engagement, whether it be through social media or buying a concert ticket. Our research helps the industry understand how discovery is developing and how to improve fan engagement as a result.


Show us a music fan and we’ll show you ten others who are completely different. All valuable, but in different ways. MusicWatch fan segmentation tools help clients to understand the small group of superfans who drive the most revenue as well as the casual fan who makes up the majority of music listeners.  In an industry where traditional revenue is declining, we believe no fan can be left behind.