Saturday Night’s All Right For Buying: Celebrating Record Store Day

Saturday April 22 begins the second decade of Record Store Day, an event celebrating the independent record store. In a world of streaming, digital files and music discovery apps, Record Store Day takes me back to days of hopping on a bike for a trek to the record shop on Merrick Avenue (our Main Street). The day is renowned for special releases, particularly on vinyl. This year will feature a Bruce, a Bowie and a Busta. Billboard reported that Record Store Day 2016 led to a “record” sales volume in vinyl albums- 383,000 units for week ending April 21.  At an average price of ~$25 (RIAA) that’s nearly $10 M in revenue. Add to that the additional spending from used albums, CDs, vinyl singles and t-shirts and it was a banner day.

Record Store Day is a reminder that Americans still do buy music. Vinyl buyers are voracious music buyers; did you know that one in three also pay for an on-demand subscription? Here are a few other facts from our MusicWatch research that you can quote when you wander into Grimey’s, Looney Tunes or your favorite shop.

RSD 17 Blog Infographic V3

I’m queuing up for a bit of jazz with the special release of Bill Evans “Another Time”. What will you be taking home?

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