Joe Biden Bests Donald Trump Among Audio Enthusiasts

But it’s a dead heat among those who listen to music on Broadcast Radio

In a survey conducted by MusicWatch between October 15th and 19th former Vice President Joe Biden topped President Donald Trump as audio users’ choice for US President in the 2020 election. The survey examined a variety of current audio behaviors including usage of radio, music streaming, podcasts, live streams and audiobooks. Audio enthusiasts were asked if the election were held tomorrow who they would vote for. Among those who intended to vote Joe Biden garnered 51 percent of the choice, compared with 43 percent for Donald Trump- with 6 percent indicating “someone else” as their selection.

This mostly unscientific poll was done largely to illustrate the difference between various segments in the audio category, although it will be interesting to see how the results measure up to the “big guns” of political polling. The sharpest division came between Spotify Premium subscribers, who heavily favored Biden, and Sirius XM subs, who slightly preferred Trump. Whereas it was a dead heat among those who listen to music on AM/FM radio (half or whom were 45-65 years old), music streamers selected Biden by a 14 point margin.

Podcast listeners chose Biden 51 percent to 44, a ratio similar to those who listen to Pandora and watch or listen to music videos on YouTube (not shown on chart).

Whoever triumphs on November 3 we can be assured of one thing; the day after the election most of us will still be listening to music. Many will still listen to our favorite radio personalities or Sirius stations, and some will be gorging on podcasts. The only question will be “Rush or Rogan”, but that’s a different story altogether.

The MusicWatch survey was conducted among 794 18-65 year olds in the US using an online panel. 703 respondents indicated that they intend to vote.

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